The Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Lab (Vision AI) focuses on (1) tools and methods for computer vision and image processing applications, (2) inverse problems in image/video processing, (3) autonomous drones and vehicles, and (4) other applications of machine/deep learning. 



Prof.Dr. Bahadır Kürşat GÜNTÜRK

Prof.Dr. Hasan Fehmi ATEŞ


PhD Students: Ahmed Marey, Mustafa Bal

MS Students: M. Emin Erkol, Mohamed Elsaeidy, Selim B. Öztürk, Celal Atmaca

Alumni: Zeshan Alam, Ömer Mısırlıoğlu, Ibrahim Shoer, Sharoze Ali

Ongoing Projects:

Completed Projects:

  • Development of New Generation Communication Networks Based on UAVs (TÜBİTAK-1003)