Ercümend ARVAS


Ph.D: Syracuse University – 1983
B.Sc: Middle East Technical University – 1976

Research Areas: Electromagnetics, RF/Microwave devices and circuits, antennas, communications
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[email protected] | 216-681-5150 | C-229

Talip ALP


Ph.D: University of Manchester – 1970
B.Sc: University of Manchester – 1966

Research Areas: Physical metallurgy, material science, engineering material performance
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[email protected] | 216-531-7555 | C-235A

Zekâi ŞEN


Ph.D: University of London – 1974
M.Sc: Imperial College of Science and Technology (London) – 1972
B.Sc: Istanbul Technical University – 1971

Research Areas: Civil Engineering and Water Resources
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[email protected] | 216-681-5149 | C-238

Mehmet Hakkı OMURTAG


Ph.D: Istanbul Technical University – 1990
M.Sc: Bosphorus University – 1980
B.Sc: Bosphorus University – 1978

Research Areas: space bars/plates/shells – static, dynamic, stability analysis – elastic, viscoelastic materials – FINITE ELEMENTS
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[email protected] | 216-681-5166 | C-103

Bahadır K. GÜNTÜRK


Ph.D: Georgia Institute of Technology – 2003
M.Sc: Georgia Institute of Technology – 2001
B.Sc: Bilkent University – 1999

Research Areas: Computer vision, image/video processing, computational photography, signal processing
Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence Lab
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[email protected] | 216-681-5141 | C-230B



Ph.D: Marmara University – 2009
M.Sc: ECU – 2005
B.Sc: Naval Academy

Research Areas: Decision analysis, operations research, healthcare systems optimization, health technology assessment
Healthcare Systems Modeling and Simulation Group

[email protected] | 216-681-5148 | C-236A



Ph.D: Syracuse University – 1992
M.A.: Middle East Technical University – 1985
B.Sc: Middle East Technical University – 1982

Research Areas: Data Science and Analysis, Data Mining, Web Search, Text Mining, Machine Learning
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[email protected] | 216-681-5141 | C-320



Ph.D: Bilkent University – 1993
M.Sc: Bilkent University – 1990
B.Sc: Middle East Technical University – 1988

Research Areas: Data Science, Health Informatics, Social Networks & Social Media Analysis, Personalized Search
Semantic Scholar

[email protected] | C-331A



Ph.D: İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi – 2009
M.Sc: İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi – 2005
B.Sc: Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi – 2003

Research Areas: Controlled drug delivery, gene delivery, nanodroplet mediated histotripsy, ultrasound imaging/therapy agents
Innovative Polymer Nano-Therapeutics Research Lab
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[email protected] | C-227A



Ph.D: Syracuse University – 2005
M.Sc: Middle East Technical University – 1998
B.Sc: Middle East Technical University – 1996

Research Areas: Channel modelling, Telecommunication systems, PHY Layer Design, Parameter Estimation, 5G MIMO Systems
Communication Signals Processing and Networking Center
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[email protected] | 216-681-5626 | C-239

 Hakan DOĞAN

Associate Professor

Ph.D: University of California, Berkeley – 2005
M.Sc: University of California, Berkeley – 2001
B.Sc: University of Southern California – 1999

Research Areas: RF Analog circuit design, wireless communication system design
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[email protected] | C-228

Muhammed Fatih TOY


Ph.D: École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) – 2013
M.Sc: Koç University – 2008
B.Sc: Koç University – 2006

Research Areas: Biophotonics, optical microscopy, digital holography, nanoscopy, label-free imaging
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[email protected] | C-234A


Hüseyin Şerif SAVCI

Assistant Professor

Ph.D: Syracuse University – 2008
M.Sc: Syracuse University – 2005
B.Sc: Yildiz Technical University – 2001

Research Areas: CMOS, GaAs, GaN, SOI based RF/Microwave/mm-Wave Integrated Circuit design. Ultra-Low Power circuits and systems. Low Noise Designs
Research Groups: RF Micro Sense Lab, Microwave Systems
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[email protected] | 216-681-5450 | C-231



Ph.D: Koc University – 2011
M.Sc: Koc University – 2007
B.Sc: Istanbul Technical University – 2005

Research Areas: G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) signaling, biased cell signaling, in-silico drug design with less side-effects, membrane-deforming peptides, peptide-based nanomaterials
Advanced Computational Biophysics Lab for Designing Targeted and Safe Therapeutic Molecules
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[email protected] | 216-681-5621 | C-226


Associate Professor

Ph.D: Istanbul University – 2018
M.Sc: Istanbul Technical University – 2014
B.Sc: Istanbul Kültür University – 2011

Research Areas: Structural Engineering, Seismic Design, Reinforced Concerete Structures, Retrofit & Strengthening, Masonry Structures, Rack Structures
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[email protected] | 216-681-5083 | C-228


Assistant Professor

Ph.D: Bogazici University – 2015
M.Sc: Bogazici University – 2007
B.Sc: Istanbul Technical University – 2004

Research Areas: Neuroprosthetics, brain-machine interface, computational neuroscience, biomedical instrumentation
Neuroprosthetics Research Group
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[email protected] | 216-681-5411

Kevser Banu KÖSE

Assistant Professor

Ph.D: Istanbul Medipol University – 2019

Research Areas: Patient-Specific Surgical Planning – Custom Implant Design – Cardiovascular Mechanics – Computational Biomechanics – Virtual Device Performance Tests – Medical Imaging Devices

[email protected] | 216-681-5446 | C-241

Melis Almula KARADAYI


Ph.D: Galatasaray University – 2017
M.Sc: Galatasaray University – 2009

Research Areas: Multiple criteria decision making, Healthcare Management, Waste Management, Performance Evaluation, Fuzzy Optimization
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[email protected] | C-150

Merve Yüsra DOĞAN

Assistant Professor

Ph.D: University of California, Berkeley – 2013
B.Sc: University of Virginia – 2004

Research Areas: Single molecule microscopy, Protease activity, Nano(bio)fluidics, Surface chemistry and developing new platforms for biomedical applications, Molecular Motors

[email protected] | C-145


Assistant Professor

Ph.D: Sabancı University – 2014
M.Sc: Sabancı University – 2008
B.Sc: Yıldız Technical University – 2005

Research Areas: Physical human-robot interaction, in particular, upper extremity prosthetics, active exoskeletons, sEMG and EEG based interfaces, wearable robotics for human augmentation and skill training. Her research extends to soft robotics.
Living Robotics
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[email protected] | 216-681-5415 | C-232


Assistant Professor

Ph.D: University of Houston – 2017
B.Sc: Bilkent University – 2012

Research Areas: Biomedical image and data analysis, directional multi-scale representation systems, machine learning, deep learning
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[email protected] | C-314

Ümit Necmettin ARIBAŞ

Assistant Professor

Ph.D: Istanbul Technical University – 2019
M.Sc: Istanbul Technical University – 2012
B.Sc: Istanbul University – 2010

Research Areas: The structural behavior and stresses of composite and functionally graded materials, Solid Mechanics, The warping effect and torsional rigidity, The mixed finite element method

[email protected] | 216-444-8544 | C-241


Hasan KURT

Assistant Professor

Ph.D: Sabancı University – 2016
B.Sc: Sabancı University – 2006

Research Areas: Plasmonics, Biosensing, Optoelectronics, Organic Photovoltaics, Nanotechnology
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[email protected] | C-201


Assistant Professor

E-mail: [email protected]

PhD: Simon Fraser University (2007)

Research Areas: Computational biology

Mustafa AKTAN


PhD: Boğaziçi University – 2008
M.Sc: Boğaziçi University – 2001
B.Sc: Boğaziçi University – 1999

Research Areas: Low-power digital circuit design, all-digital PLL design, SAR/pipelined ADC design
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[email protected] | C-201