• Research Areas
Neuroprosthetics, brain-machine interface, computational neuroscience, biomedical instrumentation
  • Education
Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering Bogazici University 2015
M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering Bogazici University 2007
B.Sc. Electronics and Communication Engineering Istanbul Technical University 2004
  • Work Experience
Research Assistant Bogazici University 2008-2015
Software Design Engineer Nortel Networks Netas 2005-2008
  • Offered Undergraduate Courses
Principles of Medical Device Design 2019, 2020 Fall
Artificial Neural Networks 2018-2020 Fall
Biomedical Instrumentation 2017-2020 Spring
Microprocessors 2016-2020 Spring
  • Offered Graduate Courses
Therapeutic Medical Devices 2019, 2020 Fall
Neural Networks for Signal Processing 2018-2020 Fall
Fundamentals of Neuroengineering 2017 Fall
Computational Neuroscience 2016 Fall
  • Funded Research
Researcher (2021- ) Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) based Nanophotonic Biosensor Platform for Uropathogenic E. coli Detection, NANOSIS – Integrated Scalable Functional Nanostructures and Nanosystems, TUBITAK, ARDEB 1004, #18AG011 (PI: Vardar)
Researcher, (2020- ) Staging and parallelization of the algorithm used for calculation of truncation thresholds, Istanbul Technical University BAP Grants, #42808 (PI: Okatan)
Advisor, (2020- ) Design of a closed-loop aneshesia delivery system, TUBITAK, BIDEB Research Projects for Undergraduate Students 2209-A, 1919B011903621 (Students: Gençceylan, Ulucan, Usta)
Researcher, (2019- ) Investigation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocyte and Sensory Neuron Interactions On Microelectrode Integrated Microfluidic System In Vitro, TUBITAK, ARDEB 1001, #119S132 (PI: Çağavi)
Principle Investigator (2018- ) Design of a chronically implantable microelectrode array for measurement of dopamine concentration, TUBITAK, ARDEB 1003, #118S072
Principle Investigator (2018- ) Investigation of the striatal dopamine concentration modulations during motor and neuroprosthetic skill learning, TUBITAK, ARDEB 3501, #117E286
Co-Investigator (2015-2018) Design of a biomimetic and wireless motor neuroprosthesis, TUBITAK, ARDEB 1001, #115E257 (PI: Baykaş)
PhD Student, Design of a brain-machine interface adaptable to changing conditions, Bogazici University BAP PhD Thesis Support, #10XD3 (PI: Gülçür)
  • Selected Publications
Zaidi SMT, Kocatürk S, Baykaş T, Kocatürk M (2021)  A behavioral paradigm for cortical control of a robotic arm by freely moving rats in a one-dimensional center-out reaching task (preprint), bioRxiv, doi:  10.1101/2021.01.24.427325
Okatan M, Kocaturk M (2017) Truncation thresholds: a pair of spike detection thresholds computed using truncated probability distributions. Turk J Elec Eng & Comp Sci. 25: 1436-1447. doi: 10.3906/elk-1603-33.
Kocaturk M, Gulcur HO and Canbeyli R (2015) Toward building hybrid biological/in silico neural networks for motor neuroprosthetic control. Front. Neurorobot. 9:8. doi: 10.3389/fnbot.2015.00008.
  • Current Students & Alumni
    • Kübra Nazlıhan Işık (M.Sc.) – Alumni
      • Research Areas: Neuroprosthetics & Neuroscience
    • Raheel Riaz (M.Sc.) – Alumni
      • Research Areas: Neuroprosthetics & Neuroscience
    • Muhammad Haziq (M.Sc.) – Alumni
      • Research Areas: Neuroprosthetics & Neuroscience
    • Syed Muhammad Talha Zaidi (M.Sc.) – Alumni
      • Research Areas: Neuroprosthetics & Neuroscience
    • Ahsan Ayyaz (M.Sc.) – Current
      • Research Areas: Neuroprosthetics & Neuroscience
    • Bihter Özhan (M.Sc.) – Current
      • Research Areas: Neuroprosthetics & Neuroscience
    • Hilal Bulut (M.Sc.) – Current
      • Research Areas: Neuroprosthetics & Neuroscience
    • İlayda Kavascık (M.Sc.) – Current
      • Research Areas: Neuroprosthetics & Neuroscience