Istanbul Medipol University School of Engineering and Natural Sciences students have been accepted for the Master’s program at 800-years-old Padova University.

Istanbul Medipol University School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Electrical and Electronics Engineering students Ceren Yılmaz and Feridun Cemre Gülten have been accepted to the Master’s program in Italy. Our students will study in the Department of Internet and Multimedia at Padova University. Stating that the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences has helped her during her acceptance process, Ceren Yılmaz said: ‘’ I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate, and I do my double major in Computer Engineering. In my undergraduate education, I have taken courses from professors who are experts in their fields. The interdisciplinary, project, and practice-based education adopted by Medipol gives us an advantage in post-graduate and working life. The projects and courses, which are not taught in many universities in Turkey, have made my acceptance process easier and strengthened my confidence. Our instructors who have educated and guided us helped me overcome the Master’s application and my decisions.


Feridun Cemre Gülten, an Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate and Computer Engineering double major student, said; ‘’The interdisciplinary courses I took during my undergraduate education have ensured that I evaluate problems from different perspectives and find solutions. Starting from the first year of our undergraduate education, we have had a solution-oriented and dynamic education process integrated into today’s life, thanks to the laboratory and project practices we have received every year. In our graduation project, which we completed under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Kemal Özdemir, we have used artificial intelligence and communication technologies; thus, we had innovative and original results. In this regard, the courses we have taken and the projects we have carried out enabled me to call myself an ‘engineer.’

All these foundations contributed to our Master’s program acceptance. In conclusion, I would like to thank all our faculty members who have provided us with the necessary infrastructure and contributed to our undergraduate education.”