We are committed to providing the highest quality industry-driven education and research in CoSiNC group. We value applied research and committed to collaborate with the industry and government institutions.

CoSiNC research interests are on wireless communication systems, advanced signal processing techniques at the physical and medium access layer, and cross-layer design/optimization for networking adaptivity and Quality of Service (QoS) control. These are extremely exciting areas that have grown significantly over the past couple of decades.  Wireless communication (and in general wireless access) is becoming an integral part of many other research and applications, making it a truly multidisciplinary research area. Applications like non-invasive medical imaging and monitoring, medical and vehicular radar, wireless sensors for monitoring environments and for homeland security, reliable communications between robots for robotics applications, controlling and communication between unmanned vehicles, and communication in battlefields for military applications are some examples that show the interdisciplinary nature of the wireless communications.

Research Group

Directors:Asst. Prof. Tunçer Baykaş