Fall 2023 Introduction to Computer & Electrical-Electronics Engineering term project demos, held yesterday, featured interactive Demos, Prototypes, and live presentations.

We congratulate team Ctrl-Alt-Drive for ranking Top 1 leaded by Anissa Rmedi followed by Techuniques ranking 2nd leaded by Jumman Sallam and MP- Engineers, Mechani-Pals ranked 3rd leaded by  Mand Taha Marouf and Rahma Tanko

The event was a culmination of weeks of hard work, dedication, and innovation by our talented students and provided a great opportunity for them to showcase their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Through guidance and mentorship from our dedicated faculty members and assistants, participants delved into a variety of topics, including image processing, machine learning, and embedded systems.

Custom Sign Recognition using Ai and Mathematical Models