PhD Thesis Proposal Template

PhD Thesis Progress Report Template

Application to Take PhD Qualifying Exam

Application to Take Thesis Defense Exam

PhD Qualifying Exam Committee and Exam Date

Selection of Courses and Committee Members from outside of the University for PhD Qualifying Exam

Exam Result

Oral PhD Qualifying Exam Result

Thesis Advisor Selection

Thesis Exam Committee and Defense Date

Thesis Plagiarism Report

Thesis Submission Form

Thesis Supervision Committee

Thesis Topic Selection Form

Written PhD Qualifying Exam Result

PhD Publication Information Form

Graduation Project Topic Proposal (without thesis)

Graduation Project Submission Report (without thesis)

Graduation Project Plagiarism Report (without thesis)

Graduation Project Defense Exam Application (without thesis)

Graduation Project Defense Committee and Defense Date (without thesis)



Course Transfer Letter

Special Student Course Transfer Letter

Leave of Absence Letter

Registration Delete Form

Registration Delete Letter (Graduation)

Registration Delete Letter

Re-Registration Letter

Thesis Advisor Change Letter

Transfer Letter

Thesis Constraint Letter

Special Student General Information (in Turkish)

Special Student General Information (in English)

Special Student Approve

Co-Advisor Letter (Advisor)

Co-Advisor Letter (Student)

Thesis Submission Extension Letter