• Hakan Doğan

    Hakan Doğan

    E-mail: hdogan@medipol.edu.tr Telephone: Google Scholar   Research Areas RF/Analog/Mixed Signal circuit design, end-to-end wireless, wireline communication system design, high-frequency circuit design, ultra low power circuit design, phased arrays, frequency synthesizer design, […]

  • Huseyin ARSLAN

    Huseyin ARSLAN

    Professor and Dean

    E-mail: huseyinarslan@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 681 5140
    PhD: Southern Methodist University (1998)
    Research Areas: Telecommunication systems, wireless communication and applications, cognitive radio and SDR, signal processing and applications, smart grid, channel modelling

  • Ercument ARVAS

    Ercument ARVAS


    E-mail: earvas@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 681 5150
    PhD: Syracuse University (1983)
    Research Areas: Electromagnetics, RF/Microwave devices and circuits, antennas, communications

  • Talip ALP

    Talip ALP

    Professor and Dept. Chair of Industrial Engineering

    E-mail: talp@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 531 7555
    PhD: University of Manchester (1970)
    Research Areas: Physical metallurgy, material science, engineering material performance

  • Bahadir K. GUNTURK

    Bahadir K. GUNTURK

    Associate Professor and Dept. Chair of Electrical Engineering

    E-mail: bkgunturk@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 681 5141
    PhD: Georgia Institute of Technology (2003)
    Research Areas: Computer vision, image/video processing, computational photography, signal processing



    Associate Professor and Dept. Chair of Biomedical Engineering

    E-mail: ydurmaz@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 681 5622
    PhD: İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (2009)
    Research Areas: Controlled drug delivery systems, gene delivery/ideal carriers, nanodroplet mediated histotripsy, ultrasound imaging/therapy agents, biocompatible graphene nanoplatforms

  • Tuncer BAYKAS

    Tuncer BAYKAS

    Assistant Professor and Dept. Chair of Computer Engineering

    E-mail: tbaykas@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 681 5147
    PhD: University of Ottawa (2007)
    Research Areas: Telecommunications, PHY layer design, wireless coexistence, 60 GHz systems

  • Emre KARAKOC

    Emre KARAKOC

    Assistant Professor

    E-mail: ekarakoc@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 531 7555
    PhD: Simon Fraser University (2007)
    Research Areas: Computational biology

  • Mehmet KOCATURK

    Mehmet KOCATURK

    Assistant Professor

    E-mail: mkocaturk@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 681 5100
    PhD: Bogazici University (2015)
    Research Areas: Neuroprosthetics, brain-machine interface, computational neuroscience, real-time systems

  • Cuneyd PARLAYAN

    Cuneyd PARLAYAN

    Assistant Professor

    E-mail: cparlayan@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 531 7555
    PhD: Tokyo Medical and Dental University (2014)
    Research Areas: Bioinformatics, personalized medicine

  • Deniz Ufuk ERBULUT

    Deniz Ufuk ERBULUT

    Assistant Professor

    E-mail: derbulut@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 531 7555
    PhD: University of Melbourne (2009)
    Research Areas: Orthopedic biomechanics, finite modelling and analysis in orthopedic biomechanics, clinical biomechanics, testing and development of orthopedic devices and implants

  • Muhammed Fatih TOY

    Muhammed Fatih TOY

    Assistant Professor

    E-mail: mftoy@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 531 7555
    PhD: École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) (2013)
    Research Areas: Biophotonics, optical microscopy, digital holography, nanoscopy, label-free imaging

  • Ozge SENSOY

    Ozge SENSOY

    Assistant Professor

    E-mail: osensoy@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 681 5410
    PhD: Koc University (2011)
    Research Areas: G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) signaling, biased cell signaling, in-silico drug design with less side-effects, membrane-deforming peptides, peptide-based nanomaterials

  • Mehmet Hikmet UCISIK

    Mehmet Hikmet UCISIK

    Assistant Professor

    E-mail: mhucisik@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 681 5154
    PhD: Universitaet für Bodenkultur Wien (2014)
    Research Areas: Nanotechnology, drug delivery, cell targeting, surface modifications, emulsomes, electron microscopy

  • Zekâi ŞEN

    Zekâi ŞEN
    E-mail: zsen@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 681 5149
    Research Group: Earth Sciences
    Research Areas: Civil Engineering and Water Resouıces

  • Hakan TOZAN

    Hakan TOZAN

    Associate Professor

    E-mail: htozan@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 681 5148
    PhD: Marmara University (2009)
    Research Areas: Decision analysis, operations research, healthcare systems optimization, health technology assessment

  • M. Kemal OZDEMIR

    M. Kemal OZDEMIR

    M. Kemal OZDEMIR
    Assistant Professor and Associate Dean
    E-mail: mkozdemir@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 681 5626
    PhD: Syracuse University (2005)
    Research Areas: Channel Modelling, Telecommunication systems, PHY Layer Design, Parameter Estimation, 5G Massive MIMO Systems



    Elif Hocaoğlu, Phd
    Email: ehocaoglu@medipol.edu.tr
    Research Areas: Tele-impedance control, Upper extremity prostheses, Variable stiffness actuators, Rehabilitation robotics, Wearable robotics, sEMG based interface systems, EEG-based interface systems, Physical human-machine interaction, Biomechatronic system design for distraction osteogenesis, Clinical studies

  • İsmail DABANLI

    İsmail DABANLI

    Assistant Professor

    E-mail: idabanli@medipol.edu.tr
    Telephone: +90 (216) 681 5620
    PhD: İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi (2017)
    Research Areas: Climate change, hydroclimatology, drought, hydrology, fuzzy logic, groundwater, renewable energy, resilience design, smart cities

  • Billur Deniz KARAHAN

    Billur Deniz KARAHAN

    E-mail: bdkarahan@medipol.edu.tr

    PhD: Istanbul Technical University (2017)
    Research Areas: Electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries, Electrolytic coatings, Electrochemical methods of analysis, Quality Engineering